August 3

Accurate Plumbing, Sewer and Stormwater Pump Stations

Roma Mine, Reedy Creek, Qld



Previously, Accurate Plumbing (the Plumbing Contractor) had installed up to 30 pump stations using an alternative system over a 12-18 month period. The pump stations were challenged with speed issues and OHS requirements, further impacted by the cost and time loss incurred by ongoing replacement and servicing.


  • Working closely with Les Green, MD of Australian Tanks Accurate Plumbing co-designed a pump station solution which would resolve all issues presented by the existing systems
  • Two (2) Australian Tanks pump stations built to specification for the Mine Camps at Bauhinia and Roma


  • Australian Tanks delivered pump stations ready to go with anti-floatation bases which allowed Accurate Plumbing to lower the pump station into the excavation and start backfilling almost immediately
  • All inlets were ready to be connected and they did not need to access the internals of the pump stations at all – therefore there were no confined space issues and the install was fast and safe


  • Australian Tanks 10,000L precast tanks
  • 1200mm risers and 900x600mm class D gas tight manhole and frame
  • Mine-ready weather proof, AISI316 stainless steel control panel enclosures with visual and audible alarms, VFD, soft start or DOL starting

Having the option to design the pump stations with Les Green at Australian Tanks, ensured these sites had exactly what was required. The pump stations arrived as one complete piece, with all inlets and connections already in place – total “plug and play” systems requiring nothing further than to be lowered into the excavation and connected to the pump network

Nick Fowkes

Director, Accurate Plumbing

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