August 3

Beavis & Bartels Pty Ltd Truck Wash Bay

Aldi Distribuation Centre - Truck Wash Bay



Project required 150,000L water storage for reuse at the Aldi Brendale distribution centre truck wash bay.

  • The water storage was to be located under the entrance to the truck wash facility, so it would incur loads from semi-trailer traffic.
  • Spatially there were footprint restrictions due to an existing retaining wall footing and large stormwater pipe.
  • The site had the potential for high ground water conditions.
  • WHS was specified to be of the utmost importance for the project


  • 6 x 25,000L tanks were supplied as an inter-connectable system to fit within the available foot print.
  • The tanks have a 20kPa load rating, trafficable by a fully loaded semi-trailer and have the Australian Tanks signature square anti-floatation base.
  • The tanks weight (11.2T), soil loading on the tank lid, and on the anti-floatation ‘wings’ provide enough ballasting to resist any hydrostatic uplift forces, even if the tanks were pumped empty and in 100% saturation.
  • To provide the best WHS benefits, all penetrations were completed in the Australian Tanks factory, reducing the time spent by others on-site in an excavation.
  • Additionally, low level tank connection pipework stubs were sealed into the tanks in the factory, with a ‘Gibault’ style coupling provided to connect them on-site.
  • On-site when the square anti-floatation bases came together, the connection pipework stubs aligned and the coupling was simply slid across and tightened, completing the tank connection in minutes.
  • The efficient method of connecting the tanks reduced the time required for someone to be in the excavation providing additional WHS benefits.


  • 150,000L reuse system was installed within one day
  • Completion just days prior to a major wet weather event in Brisbane
  • Significant on-site efficiencies were gained by using a precast solution over a built on-site tank, particularly in completion time and WHS due to having a one-day install
  • One day installtion benefit was not having an open excavation for an extended period
  • Reduced the time spent that workers were required to be in the excavation


  • Six (6) x 25,000L Australian Tanks precast anti-floatation concrete tank
  • 20kPa load rated, trafficable by a fully loaded semi-trailer based on the SM1600 design load ratings
  • Tanks supplied with all penetrations completed in the factory, providing on-site efficiencies and WHS benefits

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