Denman Prospect ACT

Residential development – Denman Prospect ACT

The Challenge

The new residential development at Denman Prospect ACT in the Molonglo Valley district of Canberra is located west of the Canberra CBD. Australian tanks were contracted to install a combination water retention and water detention system under the driveway of a residential complex. 175kL of retention and 31kL of detention were required.

Teaming up with Milin Builders, Australian Tanks was selected over other local tank installers because of our cost-effective pricing. Our design had the ability to install both a water retention system and a water detention system at the same time. This unique design help in reducing logistical cost and time.

The Solution

Australian Tanks supplied and installed 8 x 25kL round tanks for retention allowing storage of 175kL. These retention tanks are connected at the bottom by Gibaults and penetrations at the top for PVC pipe connections.

5 x 7kL rectangular tanks were supplied and installed for water detention. This allows controlled flow of any surplus water in compliance with local ACT guidelines.

Both systems are connected by 300mm PVC piping and were installed under the driveway, minimising the impact on other parts of the job site such as foundations.

The Results

The quick and easy installation process was a great solution for the customer. The ability to immediately backfill and become trafficable was greatly appreciated by this client to keep the project on time.


5 x 7kL rectangular tanks

8 x 25kL round tanks

Residential development – Denman Prospect ACT
A unique hybrid installation combining both water retention and water detention.
Coomera Town Centre South
Australian Tanks teamed up with Civil 360, Golding Contractors and Foxwellat the new Coomera Town Center South, 64 Foxwell rd, Coomera.
SJ Higgins for McDonalds Australia
McDonalds Australia Limited engaged SJ Higgins to construct two new McDonalds Restaurants in Oxenford and Chermside Park. Torque Civil (Oxenford) and Blue Frog Plumbing (Chermside) were appointed to provide the Hydraulic Packages. Both stores had Humes Rain vaults and Volume Filters as part of the package. Australian Tanks were engaged to provide an equivalent solution to these rain harvesting requirements specified in the plans.
John R Keith Group
John R Keith (Plumbing Contractor and our client) approached Australian Tanks to offer an alternative solution to the more expensive extra heavy duty tank option which was specified in the Hydraulic plans. The original option in the plans also showed (1) a combination of transport cost challenges, (2) requiring additional work to get the initial tanks rated to take heavy traffic loads, and (3) the need to have considerable cover over the tanks to meet Invert Levels for the site.
Beavis & Bartels Pty Ltd
Project required 150,000L water storage for reuse at the Aldi Brendale distribution centre truck wash bay.
Civilivic, Stormwater Detention´┐╝
Situated beneath a shared driveway, this 42,000L stormwater detention site presented multiple requirements in project time and cost efficiencies. The site could not be shut down for two weeks for an in-situ solution, therefore an anti-floatation and heavy duty trafficable Australian Tanks precast solution with a one-day install time was the most efficient process available.

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