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Grease Trap-Trade Waste Arrestor

Trade Waste Arrestor Applications

Specifications for our arrestor systems are designed and fabricated to local and state regulations with a heavy-duty Megapoxy MC coating. The Megapoxy coating protects the concrete from operational chemicals, foodstuffs, fuel and more whilst also being resistant to abrasion and impact.

Our Grease Traps are installed in commercial service and manufacturing environments such as the automotive industry, food manufacturing facilities, kitchens, restaurants and retail food service to trap grease, oil and contaminants before they enter waste and water pipelines to prevent build-up and damage to the waste lines, water treatment facilities, and the environment.

The Silt Arrestor acts as a filter system with an internal (removable) strainer. With a steel grate and frame cover located into ground level of wash down bays, Silt Arrestors are used in kitchens, food preparation areas, commercial and bin wash bays, auto and mechanic repair workshops, and car/truck wash bays.

Our Cooling (straining) Arrestor is suitable for when warm/hot waste water needs to be retained until it has cooled to a legally acceptable temperature prior to be discharged into the water or sewer systems. With two chambers, the first is a straining chamber to trap lint and foreign objects before the waste water enters the second chamber, being the cooling chamber.

Main uses for a Cooling Arrestor is in combination with Lint Arrestors used in laundries, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and commercial venues.

Lint Arrestors with removable straining baskets are installed wherever lint and other foreign objects require removal from wastewater, such as hospitals, aged care, nursing homes, hospices, and hotels, motels, commercial laundries and laundromats.

The Australian Tanks Lint Arrestors are also designed to cool the flow of water to lower the temperature of the waste to meet legal requirements.

Acid Neutralising Arrestor is our holding tank used to normalise the pH level of waste water that contains high levels of acid before being discharged into waste water and sewer pipelines. Fabricated with three internal baffles, filled with acid neutralising marble chips (sold separately), the three baffles propel the liquid and acidic waste through the tank and filters past the marble chips. This method neutralises the acid and allows pH balanced water to safely discharge.

Multiple and varied applications for the Acid Neutralising Arrestor include any industry generating acidic waste water such as laboratories, battery storage, art/craft workshops, metal industry workshops, and agricultural industries such as diaries.

Why choose Australian Tanks?

Our solutions are designed for small, medium, or large capacities and compete extremely favourably with alternative precast or built-on-site systems. Additionally, the lifecycle costs measure extremely well against alternatives as they are very easy to access, clean and maintain.

Every Australian Tanks system is delivered with weir walls, filtration, penetrations, trash screens, ladders, risers, manholes, drainage holes and orifice plates in place, ready for immediate install in the prepared site excavation. Importantly, all systems are pre-cured with no further waterproofing required. Installation takes place in hours, not weeks, to be connected and backfilled within the same day.

We provide tanks that are made to Australian Standards to allow for restricted heavy vehicle access based:

  • Heavy duty construction rated for where the heaviest vehicle traffic will be a 4 axle twin steer truck eg. garbage truck.
  • Un-restricted traffic loading in accordance with AS5100 can be provided with further engineering for your needs.

Our range of tanks are easily interconnected in multiples to create any volume quickly and cost effectively. Every system is certifiable, with increasing numbers of engineers incorporating our systems into their designs due to the structural integrity and multiple efficiencies of our service.

Our products are easily modified to fit the volume required on your project. Along with other on-site parameters we can create the ideal custom solution for you and your team.

Trade waste arrestor Design and Ratings

The full range of Australian Tanks Trade Waste Arrestors, Tanks, Ring Pits and Pump Stations are a ‘single pour’ precast concrete tank, constructed with a built-in anti-floatation base where no additional ballast is required for installation in high water table areas.

The unique anti-floatation design provides on-site efficiencies and financial savings from potentially not having to manage water trucks on-site to add ballast in the tanks (May still be required prior to backfilling depending on the water height), and not requiring project management of concrete trucks to pour and tie in a ballast footing.

All Australian Tanks Arrestor systems are precast concrete and coated with Megapoxy MC, a heavy duty protective coating for use on concrete when used for storage for chemicals, foodstuffs, fuel etc and is resistant to abrasion, impact and a wide range of chemicals.

Designed and fabricated to local and state regulation specifications and approved for use by multiple Councils.

Designed and fabricated to local and state regulation specifications and approved for use by multiple Councils.

Australian Tanks are regularly requested to replace tanks that have
been driven over and damaged.

Many times these tanks have been installed in non-trafficable areas,
such as parks and school ovals, but have been inadvertently driven over, only to find the tank has been unable to bear weight with the resulting damage requiring new tank installation.

To avoid these damaging risks Australian Tanks provide tanks that are manufactured to Australian Standards (AS5100.2) and are rated up to ‘unrestricted heavy vehicle access’ based on the SM1600 traffic
design loads;

  • Heavy Duty Tank: Rated for where the heaviest vehicle traffic will
    be a 4 axle twin steer truck (Max GVM 27.5t). Example: Garbage

  • Extra Heavy Duty Tank: Rated up to unrestricted heavy vehicle
    access based on the SM1600 traffic design loads in accordance
    with AS5100.2 Bridge Design Code. Example: Fire Engine

If you are interested in finding out more about our trade waste arrestor solutions, please call one of our civil design and business development specialists so they can assist you to develop a CAD driven design for your OSD system.

We also offer 24 hour access to all our technical drawing through our unique Engineers Portal. Sign up for free to day. 

Solutions for all sizes

Trade Water Arrestor Capacities

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We pride ourselves on our service

Australian Tanks could never have grown to where it is now without our valued customers. Our attention to detail is why our customers keep returning to solve their water storage solutions. We want nothing more than for our customers to enjoy the longevity and efficiency of our commercial water tank solutions, which is why we work as closely with our customers as possible to find the best solution. Check out some of the things our favourite customers have said about us!

Nick Rees
Context Engineering
Australian Tanks products are easy to specify on a drawing – they’re easy to size, and are workable within most site constraints.
Bruce Rob
Group General Manager
HWB Group
Thanks to the team at Australian Tanks for getting this key piece of site infrastructure in place in such a short space of time despite rain and allowing the site access back in use quickly. Well done to our BUILDUS team for getting on with the job.
Adam Williams
Managing Director
Platinum Hydraulic Design
The professional manner in which Australian Tanks approached this project resulted with the successful installation of several large capacity grease interceptor traps that are fully compliant with the City of Gold Coast Trade Waste Department requirements. Congratulations to Les Green and Team for the professionalism, and a quality product.
Aaron Glowka
Project Manager
The service from the team is outstanding, they’re always available to help. They’ll do whatever they can including come out and work you to get it right. The different volume tanks are brilliant! Standard sizing that you can adjust the volume makes it uniform when working across different jobs. Consistency in area for planning also helps to save time and money in the long run!

Our case studies

At Australian Tanks, we want the best for our customers. If you need a grease trap or trade waste arrestor, you’re in luck! We are proud to deliver solutions such as our state-of-the-art grease trap-trade waste arrestor that are built to last. Our prefabricated, reinforced concrete tanks are heavy duty and heavy vehicle load rated to stand the test of time. Our installers service Brisbane, Gold Coast and most locations along the east coast of Australia.

Rather than solely relying on our assurances, we invite you to browse our grease trap-trade arrestor case studies. These real-life examples of our water storage solutions highlight the positive results we have achieved in collaboration with our satisfied clients.

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A grease trap, also known as a trade waste arrestor, is a pivotal plumbing device designed to intercept and separate fats, oils and grease (FOG) from wastewater generated by commercial kitchens and food establishments. Its primary function is to prevent these harmful substances from entering the sewer system, where they can cause blockages and environmental pollution.

Grease trap installation is perfect commercial kitchens, restaurants and food service establishments. These are businesses that commonly deal with grease, fats and oils that need to be prevented from entering the sewer system. In particular, the benefits of grease trap installation include:

  • Prevents blockages — Grease traps prevent grease and solids from clogging sewer lines, avoiding backups and repairs.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance — Installation meets regulations, avoiding fines and legal issues for businesses.
  • Protects plumbing — Grease traps safeguard plumbing from damage and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduces odour — By capturing decomposing substances, grease traps minimise unpleasant smells.
  • Ensures safety and hygiene — Grease traps enhance kitchen safety, sanitation, and hygiene by preventing accidents and bacterial growth.

A grease trap operates by utilising the disparity in density between grease and water. When wastewater enters the trap, its speed reduces, allowing fats, oils and grease (FOG) to separate and rise to the surface due to their lower density. The trap contains baffles that confine the FOG layer while enabling the relatively cleaner water to proceed. 

As the water cools, the FOG solidifies more, simplifying its capture. Routine maintenance involves eliminating the accumulated FOG to prevent blockages and assure the trap’s efficacy. This procedure halts FOG from entering the sewer system, thwarting clogs and environmental pollution.

For any further questions or enquiries about our products, such as grease trap and trade waste arrestors, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. You can also sign up for our Engineer’s Hub, which will provide you with more detailed information about our products, including downloadable CAD drawings for use in your plans. 

Additionally, stay up to date with our resources page, which offers valuable insights into determining whether your system needs an upgrade. We are committed to providing comprehensive support and ensuring the optimal performance of your grease trap and trade waste arrestor systems.