October 24


By Les Green

October 24, 2016

Australian Tanks has launched a new, lower cost 25000 litre. Cost rationalisation and new volume ordering has enabled us to bring to clients a new tank with the same unique anit-floatation base that we are known for; with the same quality build and superior attention to detail that clients have come to expect from us. Plus, all of this with a lesser load rating to take a 10 tonne truck with 300mm cover. 

This 25000 litre tank is rated less than the Australian Tanks standard T44 rated extra heavy duty tank range, but offered at a price point that makes it exceptional value for money. Clients have recognised the quality of an Australian Tanks tank, but expressed a need for a tank or multiple tank layout that is not so heavily rated, nor with the need to take the massive loads of our normal T44 tanks. Australian Tanks has delivered.

Now you can purchase a quality Australian Tanks 25000 litre tank that meets your specific needs at an affordable price. Remember this tank is still able to take a 10 tonne truck.

Contact our sales team and ask for a comparison.

Do the comparisons on real costs and real benefits.

  • Anti-Floatation – rated for 100% saturation and can be completed used down to empty. Check the fine print on other providers who state that 1/3rd of the tank must be left in the tank or warranty will be voided
  • 25,000 litre volume
  • Backup and commercial warranty – we stand behind our products and do not walk away from our responsibilities
  • Certified – engineer approved build with clear load ratings

Les Green

About the author

Absolute desire, passion and ambition drives Les to continue to build Australian Tanks into a leading water and waste water solutions brand. Much of the product development, innovation and vision for the company originates from Les.

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