March 16

OM Civil Pty Ltd, Onsite Stormwater Detention

Labrador, Queensland


Australian Tanks provided a proposal for this project in 2018, securing the job following an extended hold on the site commencement date.  

With a very tight time frame involved to get the site construction ready, there was only one day available for the onsite install of the Australian Tanks underground systems.

Important to mention, this was two x multiple tank systems install in different areas of the same worksite, and moving from one area to another requires relocating the crane and exclusion zones, in addition to redirecting the transport traffic.

Our Solution

  • 24 X 7 Kl tanks split into two identical tank systems of 12 X 7kl each
  • Stormwater Detention System
  • Both systems installed in 1 day

Australian Tanks’ product range has grown and improved over the years but it has maintained its flexibility, quality, and outstanding performance. The almost three-year gap between the first proposal and when the job was finally awarded played in favor of the customer as due to improved manufacturing methodologies and efficiencies, they were able to receive an improved high-quality product and make a saving on their initial budget. Moreover, the tank systems were both installed by Australian Tanks thus providing further savings for the customer.

The challenge of getting both systems installed in one day was treated with the level of urgency that our customer indicated to our crew and they were able to plan the sequential transport and install very carefully from A-Z and get it completed in one day while maintaining the high safety standards that Australian Tanks requires.


  • Australian Tanks ATQ7KL
  • 24x7 kl tanks - Total Volume 168KL
  • All precast tanks are Inter-connectable.
  • All penetrations, risers, access frames/covers and connection stubs
  • All sealants and joining materials.

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