​Parthenon Installation

Stormwater Detention - ​Urban Townhouse Development

Australian Tanks most recent install of our groundbreaking Parthenon technology has provided yet another example of the solution’s versatility, efficiency and, most importantly, the time benefits to the greater site.

Installed across a mere two day period, the pre-cast design delivered a superior turnaround to any other option on the market, taking potential weeks off the install time required for its ‘block and slab’ counterpart.

The innovative on-site detention solution was implemented on the site of a townhouse property
development in the South Brisbane suburb of Richlands.

With the overall development site in the region of 15,000sqm and the on-site detention position
surrounded by thoroughfares, it was important that our ATQ solution provided time efficiency to
allow minimal hold-ups for other components of the site and lessen the impact on thoroughfare

The Parthenon’s modular design was perfectly adaptable to depth and size constraints, with its superior time efficiency
over in-situ options seen as one of the greatest benefits to the site

The two-day turnaround of the installation more than satisfied this need, especially when considering that an in-situ solution would otherwise have slowed down the rest of the site for a significantly larger time and had the potential to cause many more site delays.

Australian Tanks’ client found that time, safety, long-term cost benefit and maximisation of land space were the most significant factors in the decision to use the Parthenon design for this site, particularly where there were added benefits of maximising the land space available through the Parthenon’s high volume weight-bearing and trafficable design.

Australian Tanks utilised a four-man crew across the two-day period for the project, installing a total of 22 modular units to create the interconnected 464,000 litre solution.

The result was a solution that is trafficable by a fully loaded semi-trailer (based on the SM1600 traffic design loads), increased site productivity time, was cost efficient and maximised the land space available.

With this site representing one of numerous unrivalled success stories for our Parthenon solution, Australian Tanks have quickly been met with great demand for the product across an array of projects and site constraints.

Availabilities are filling up fast to take advantage of this innovative solution, so get in quickly to receive the unrivalled benefits of The Parthenon for your project.

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Parthenon Install

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Project: Urban Townhouse Development
Type: Stormwater Detention
Date: 7th - 8th August 2019
Location: Richlands, South Brisbane, QLD

Solution: 450,000L systems

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