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Do you need a cost effective solution for large scale requirements?  Our newest offering "The Parthenon" provides unrivalled versatility.

Parthenon Onsite Detention System
Parthenon Onsite Detention System

Using multiple units of the Parthenon modules allows for large capacity systems when a shallow excavation is required, or preferred.

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The Parthenon Onsite Detention System is the cost-effective solution for sites where stormwater runoff needs to be captured and detained for controlled discharge from site. Engineered to meet SM1600 Heavy Vehicle Impact loadings, The Parthenon Onsite Detention System allows for maximised use of available land by allowing the detention to be located underneath development sites, carparks, roads or parklands.

The Parthenon Onsite Detention System has been designed with specific consideration given to the safety and health of workmen who will be accessing each tank for ongoing inspections and maintenance. Systems that have a number of parallel chambers have an increased number and frequency of confined space entries.

The Parthenon Onsite Detention System is designed as a single chamber within minimal working obstructions and trip hazards. The single chamber for its entire storage volume minimises the need for multiple entries and exits. Low head-room systems are also available, so care must be taken in matching safe work practices to the inspection and maintenance of these systems.

Sediment and material obstruction removal can be accomplished by either manual extraction or eductor truck (vacuum) extraction. As with all maintenance procedures, suitably qualified technicians following industry regulated procedures should perform the tasks following ‘best practices’ established during job hazard analysis meetings. It should be noted that preliminary design of The Parthenon Onsite Detention System can simplify maintenance procedures. The Parthenon Onsite Detention System can be designed with a slight grade to encourage build-up of sediment to the downstream end of the basin.

Solution Benefits
Underground stormwater detention is a common application for
The Parthenon Onsite Detention System and is well regarded as the solution to meeting legislative requirements for onsite detention without compromising the delivery of high-yield useable land area. The benefits of pre-casting such systems are many-fold and include;

  • Cost efficiencies,
  • Improved project delivery time,
  • Improved site-wide safe work practices,
  • Superior structural outcomes, and
  • Superior quality product.

The Parthenon Onsite Detention System has been designed to maximize the desired outcomes of safety-in-design with respect to manufacture, installation and life-cycle maintenance.

System Augmentaions
The standard Parthenon tank unit is exceptionally versatile and can be further augmented to facilitate other key functions related to the management of stormwater runoff. The entire range of Australian Tanks can be added to suit any requirement.
Filtration Units can be added to the system or additional self-contained Tank Units can be added to house pollutant filtration and removal.
Sediment Fore Bays can be configured into the system to localize the sediment in one area.
Infiltration Openings can be designed into the base panels to allow discharge of the stormwater runoff via soil.
Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs) can be either located upstream, downstream or internally to the system to the system to complete the requirements of the stormwater quality and quantity management plan for the site.
Stormwater Harvesting Capabilities. The standard detention tank system can be augmented to facilitate capture and retention of stormwater runoff for harvesting and re-use. The Parthenon can be linked to a range of other water holding tanks from Australian Tanks to fit a range of water holding and detention
Self-Cleansing internal pipework can be included within the tank to allow flushing of the system without the need for confined space entry.

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Design Services For Increased Capacities 

10 Year Warranty
50 Year Design Life

The 'Parthenon' Design and Ratings

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The Parthenon Onsite Detention System is a modular pre-cast concrete detention system. The basis for its design originates with the classic column arrangements characteristic of ancient architecture. This classic design has been applied to modern pre-casting technology and is suited to the construction industry.

The system is engineered to meet the requirements of relevant Australian Standards and meets the SM1600 load case as detailed
in AS5100-2004 and super-imposed on 3m of fill. Higher loadings can also be achieved for special projects in collaboration with the
Australian Tanks team.

The Parthenon system provides unrivalled versatility in footprint layouts and can be configured to avoid building piles and services.
The typical internal height range is 500mm to 2700mm with a special project capability of up to 5m. The size of each component is designed to maximize freight and installation efficiencies.

Australian Tanks is dedicated to producing quality, engineered solutions, working with plumbing, civil and construction contractors to provide custom designed solutions. We work closely with Civil, Hydraulic and Consulting Engineers to find the best solutions to their challenges and are regularly specified in engineering designs and plans. Many of our solutions are signed off by engineers as being more efficient and cost effective alternatives to more traditional specified products.

50mpa Concrete
Due to the high compressive strength and durability requirements necessary for heavy duty construction, Australian Tanks uses 50Mpa strength concrete in all products manufactured.

Exposure Classification
Australian Tanks products are rated with a B2 classification, in accordance with Australian Standards AS3735 (Concrete Structures for retaining liquids).

On Site Detention Module Capacities

















*System height can be further tailored to suit site requirments. 

System Specifications 

Internal Height:

0.5m x 3.0m

Unit Dimensions:

T44 to 0.6m fill

SM1600 to 3m fill

Load Criteria:

0.5m to 3.2m


300mm min.


150kPa min. under tank

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