September 9

Prepping The Site For Underground Concrete Tanks

By Les Green

September 9, 2017

Prepping The Site For Underground Concrete Tanks

When it comes to both rural areas and city sites, underground concrete tanks are becoming quite popular in regards to the way people are collecting water. The benefits are great, and it is definitely a great space saver for those who just can not have an above ground tank. Most even have the tanks under the driveway, or under the back yard. But a question comes up “What is necessary for prepping such underground concrete tanks, and how should one go about doing it?” Lets take a moment to answer this question and as we do be sure to write down those important details.

To begin, it goes without saying, that the weight of such tanks is immense. That being the case, it is highly important on the dig site for preparation, that the hole in which the concrete tanks will be placed is properly prepared in advance so the tanks can be easily and lowered directly into it. Such a hole must not only be large enough, but to such a depth that it will allow the tank to clear each side as it is placed. On average, the clearance necessary for such a hole has to be no less than 300mm from the inside of your hole to the outside of the tank (depending on your location, the requirements may be even larger, be sure to check with local standards).

Last but not least, of course you will need a base on which your underground concrete tank will lay, so this must be prepared as well. It is usually blue metal, or a level sand spread, and the average allowable height must be no less than 75 mm. This will also play a role in the necessary depth for your tank, as will the tank itself. These are a few reminders to keep in mind when prepping for an underground concrete tank.

Les Green

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