Australian Tanks is proud of our ever expanding range of high quality products – many driven from client requests for more innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions.


On Site Detention Systems

Heavy duty trafficable detention systems consist of 7,000 litre or 12,000 litre rectangular tanks which are easily interconnected in multiples to create any volume quickly and very cost effectively.


Water Storage Harvesting

Systems for the collection, storage and reuse of a clean water supply for domestic and commercial applications; Volume filters in pits we provide a host of solutions to fulfill all your needs.


Underground Fire Service Tanks

Underground fire service tanks are holding tanks used to provide fire protection water for a sprinkler system that demands more water than can be supplied by the domestic water line serving the building.


Sewer and Stormwater Pump Stations

Precast concrete pre-packaged pump stations come with an anti-floatation base and are coated internally, complete with all internal fittings and pumps to suit individual specifications and requirements. The pump stations offer quick, safe and easy to install solutions, ideal for occupational health and safety sites like mining camps, defence sites or high rise construction sites.


Coated Fuel Spill Tanks (Chemical, Washbay and Cooling Tanks)

Australian Tanks anti-floatation base and extra heavy duty trafficable rating makes the 10,000 or 20,000 litre tank perfect for fuel service stations and fuel depot spill tanks. Australian Tanks has a solutions approach and we can apply tanks with relevant hydrocarbon resistant specified coating. The tanks are easy, fast and safe to install under driveway areas in fuel depots, ensuring safe install even when empty with heavy trucks driving over them.


Grease Trap-Trade Waste Arrestor

All ATQ Arrestor systems are designed and fabricated to local and state regulation specifications, and are coated with Megapoxy MC, a heavy duty protective coating for use on concrete when used for storage for chemicals, foodstuffs, fuel etc and is resistant to abrasion, impact and a wide range of chemicals.


Sewer Emergency Storage and Overflow Tanks

Circular heavy strength reinforced manhole, maintenance shafts and inspection chambers with anti-floatation bases designed and ready for install with penetrations ready to go.

The Parthenon Onsite Detention System

Precast Solution For 150,000 to 8 Million Litres

A cost-effective solution for sites where stormwater runoff needs to be captured and detained for controlled discharge from site. The Parthenon Onsite Detention System allows for maximised use of available land by allowing the detention to be located underneath development sites, carparks, roads or parklands.


Made to Order Concrete Products

In addition to our standard range of concrete tanks, pits and detention systems we are regularly asked to build specialised made to order concrete products. Tanks with baffle walls, settling pits, filtration tanks to obscure requests that have included wine cellars, bathroom ensuites.

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