December 3

Site Preparation for Underground Concrete Tanks

By Les Green

December 3, 2013

Concrete tanks are more commonly associated to rural areas. However, over the years they are now used in city areas. The types of concrete tanks used are normally placed underneath back and front yards and driveways. These precast tanks have a great advantage of being able to contain water in large volumes.

Properties that have little space to accommodate the types of tanks used above ground benefit from underground tanks. When you have a property with a small garden your home still uses large amounts of water through internal processes such as toilets, showers and laundries, the underground tank can accommodate your water supply for the entire house.

Site Preparation

Due to the fact that the concrete tanks are extremely heavy when they are placed into the ground settling will occur. Cracker dust or sand will need to be compacted or rolled before the tank is placed. This process will reduce the movements of the tank. When the concrete tank is initially placed, connections for plumbing purposes should only be connected three to four weeks later.

Costs Involved

The pre-cast tank is more expensive opposed to other steel options, the cost comes in with the transport, crane hire and excavation involved to place the concrete tank. It is however a good choice for a long term type of investment as the tank will not inhibit space needed around your property.

Life Span

These types of tanks are highly durable, the tanks have what is known as plasticisers which add to the strength. This allows for the concrete to be poured seamlessly into the mold which will prevent leakage from occurring. A concrete tank of high quality will be able to last you for more than several decades. The manufacturers of these tanks will usually offer customers a warranty of up to 30 years.

Les Green

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Absolute desire, passion and ambition drives Les to continue to build Australian Tanks into a leading water and waste water solutions brand. Much of the product development, innovation and vision for the company originates from Les.

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