August 3

Steel Storage ​Precast Sprinkler Tanks

Gold Coast Qld



With time constraints in place, this site was not suitable for long term open excavation which would have occurred with the cast in-situ tank and liner system on the original plans. The client preference was to use a more time and cost efficient solution, with an Australian Tanks precast, trafficable and anti-floatation tank system.


  • Australian Tanks (ATQ) delivered a precast multi-tank sprinkler system ready to lower into the excavation and start backfill almost immediately.
  • Installed in just over five (5) hours
  • The system consisted of 6 tanks and a twin turbine vortex pump
  • Each twin turbine vortex pump tank also included preinstalled internal galvanized ladders.


  • Arrival onsite at 9:00am
  • Fully installed by 3:30pm
  • Australian Tanks precast alternative
  • Trafficable by fully loaded semi-trailer, based on the SM1600 design load ratings
  • Anti-floatation


  • Five (5) x 25,000L precast tanks.
  • One (1) x 7,000L precast tanks (as low suction point pit)
  • Twin turbine vortex pump
  • Galvanised ladder in each tank
  • All penetrations, risers and access frames
  • All sealant supplied for installation

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