Anti Floatation Design

Australian Tanks round tanks are a ‘single pour’ tank, constructed with a built-in anti-floatation square base. Once lowered into the ground, the tank’s weight combined with the back-loaded soil loading on the anti-floatation ‘Wings’ of the base are enough to counter any hydrostatic uplift forces. The Australian Tanks 25kL tank is the only tank that requires an additional 200mm cover to achieve this.

  • The Australian Tanks 7,000L rectangle tank weighs 9.0 Tonne with the lid on.
  • The Australian Tanks 1500mm ID Pit weights exceed the volumes displaced.

The unique anti-floatation design provides on-site efficiencies and financial savings from potentially not having to manage water trucks on-site to add ballast in the tanks (May still be required prior to backfilling depending on the water height), and not requiring project management of concrete trucks to pour and tie in a ballast footing.

Australian Tanks are the smart choice for an easy install on-site.

Extra Heavy Duty – Trafficable

Australian Tanks are regularly requested to replace tanks that have been driven over and damaged. Many times these tanks have been installed in non-trafficable areas, but have been inadvertently driven over, only to find the tank has been unable to bear weight with the resulting damage requiring new tank installation.

Areas that are not considered to require a heavy duty traffic rating, such as parks and school ovals, on occasion host events that may involve large trucks, such as school fairs.

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To avoid these damaging risks Australian Tanks provide tanks that are manufactured to Australian Standards (AS5100.2) and are rated up to unrestricted heavy vehicle access based on the SM1600 traffic design loads.

  • Heavy Duty Tank: Rated for where the heaviest vehicle traffic will be a 4 axle twin steer truck (Max GVM 27.5t). Example: Garbage Truck
  • Extra Heavy Duty Tank: Rated up to unrestricted heavy vehicle access based on the SM1600 traffic design loads in accordance with AS5100.2 Bridge Design Code. Example: Fire Engine or fully loaded Semi-trailer.

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