Unrivalled Versatility for Large Scale Onsite Stormwater Detention

'The Parthenon' Detention System surpasses all expectations of traditional onsite detention

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    Ease of Installation
    The system is manufactured off-site in a controlled environment that negates the need for lengthy ‘block and slab’ builds that can delay job sites. The installation process is exponentially quicker and reduces safety risks and potential impacts on other components of the build.
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    Flexibility in Configuration
    The Parthenon System offers a completely adaptable, modular design that can be manoeuvred to accommodate specific project constraints in terms of varying site sizes, shapes and depths. The system is endlessly flexible in footprint, making it an utterly versatile onsite detention solution.
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    Cost-Effective Solution
    Off-site construction takes the most labour-intensive aspects of the build away from the site and greatly reduces the costs associate with unexpected delays caused by the likes of inevitable weather issues and disruptions. This streamlines the installation process and minimises costs. 
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    Maximisation of Available Land Space
    The Parthenon converts land area dedicated to above ground open air basins into marketable land that can be utilised for the likes of vehicle parking, further tenancies and other Infrastructure.

436kL OSD Parthenon system. Installed in just 2 days. Pimpama, QLD

Why is The Parthenon System Superior?


The Parthenon System offers an ingenious solution to the controlled detention and runoff of stormwater. Unlike the vast majority of its competitors in onsite detention, our system offers unrivalled versatility to suit a range of large-scale projects, while maintaining its position as one of the most cost-effective, time efficient and durable products on the market. Gone are the days of your build-site being held up for long periods in order to facilitate the construction of traditional “block and slab” detention systems. The Parthenon makes the installation process as quick as possible and with minimal impact on the surrounding site, turning potential weeks of down-time into days. 

Engineered to offer extreme weight-bearing support and ease of access for ongoing maintenance, The Parthenon was designed to answer the many problems commonly seen in other onsite detention systems. Its use of structural columns and platforms are a throwback to tried and tested architectural design principles, providing superior structural strength and efficiency. Through this strength, The Parthenon maximises the use of available land, by allowing the land above the system to be fully marketable and accessible for vehicular and infrastructural use.

The Parthenon is also able to offer complete flexibility, regardless of your particular project requirements. The system’s modular design means that different pieces can be manoeuvred to meet specific size and depth constraints, while maintaining a single-chamber design that is easy to install and reduces the safety-related risks associated with unnecessarily complex systems of parallel chambers.

Like all of our products at Australian Tanks, The Parthenon’s superiority as an onsite detention solution is founded on its off-site manufacture. The system is built to size in in a controlled environment, transported to site, installed in a matter of days, and fully accessible almost immediately. This means that weather conditions won’t affect the longevity of a project, a huge amount of time is saved in the process of installation and workplace health and safety hazards are reduced significantly.

Fast and Easy


Design Services For Increased Capacities 

10 Year Warranty
50 Year Design Life

Design and Ratings

System Augmentaions

The standard Parthenon tank unit is exceptionally versatile and can be further augmented to facilitate other key functions related to the management of stormwater runoff. The entire range of Australian Tanks can be added to suit any requirement.

  • Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQUIDs) can be either located upstream, downstream or internally to the system to complete the requirements of the stormwater quality and quantity management plan for the site.
  • Filtration Chambers can be added to the Parthenon OSD tank system by using our AT7KL or AT12KL tanks for a seamless stormwater treatment and detention system.
  • Sediment Fore Bays can be configured into the system to localize the sediment in one area.
  • Infiltration Openings can be designed into the base panels to allow discharge of the stormwater runoff via soil.
  • Self-Cleansing internal pipework can be included within the tank to allow flushing of the system without the need for confined space entry.
Multi tank Underground pimpama

50mpa Concrete

Due to the high compressive strength and durability requirements
necessary for heavy duty construction, Australian Tanks uses 50Mpa strength concrete in all products manufactured.

Parthenon render4

Exposure Classification

Australian Tanks products are rated with a B2 classification, in
accordance with Australian Standards AS3735 (Concrete Structures for retaining liquids).

Multi tank with Truck 01[02]

Heavy Vehicle Impact Loading

The Parthenon meets all relevant Australian standards, as well as up to SM1600 Heavy Vehicle Impact loadings. This ensures that the land space saved by The Parthenon is fully accessible and marketable for the likes of vehicle parking or future tenancies.

About Australian Tanks

Australian Tanks is dedicated to producing quality, engineered solutions, working with plumbing, civil and construction contractors to provide custom designed solutions. We work closely with Civil, Hydraulic and Consulting Engineers to find the best solutions to their challenges and are regularly specified in engineering designs and plans. Many of our solutions are signed off by engineers as being more efficient and cost effective alternatives to more traditional specified products.


What Our Clients Are Saying...

The Parthenon Detention Tank system was utilised and was a superior system for this site

“During tendering stage, we considered a plastic cell type system and a built onsite option. The Parthenon Detention Tank system was utilised and was a superior system for this site – being able to accommodate the stringent hydraulic design objectives and being more cost effective than our budgeted in-situ construction”. 

Hayden Collinge, Project Engineer, Shadforth Civil 

on a project with so many program delays, it was great to have something go better than expected

“We found the ATQ Parthenon team to be easy to work with and well organised. The installation progressed well with great communication and coordination of cranes, semi-trailers and site personnel. The ATQ Parthenon team had a professional approach to on-site work, and on a project with so many program delays, it was great to have something go better than expected”. 

Geoff Parratt, Project Site Manager, Shadforth Civil

Precast Concrete Solution For High Capacity 
On Site Detentions

Our "Parthenon" modular on site detention system with its height range from 500mm to 4000mm gives our clients the freedom to work with any footprint and depth restrictions.

Fine tuning the design to get the perfect finished surface level is made possible by Parthenon's 100mm height increments.

Parthenon's versatility enables meeting unique configuration, load, and depth requirements as well as provide a long-lasting, reliable solution.

Load Criteria:

T44 to 1200mm fill

SM1600 to AS5100 with greater than 1200mm fill


300mm min.

Bearing Capacity:

150kPa min. under tank

Capacity range:

100,000 - 27,000,000 Litres


AS5100 Part 2 Bridge Design Loads

AS1170.1 Structural Design Actions Part 1: Permanent, imposed and other actions

AS3600 Concrete Structures

Trusted Clients that Utilise our Unique System

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Explore the versatility and efficiencies of the Parthenon OSD solution.