March 5

Vaughan Constructions, Onsite Stormwater Detention

Heathwood, Queensland


This 3.1ML OSD tank is the largest tank system ever manufactured and installed by Australian Tanks.
The footprint, a massive 56X18m excluding the 300kl rainwater tank to be attached to the system.

3m height weir walls, multiple spill-over levels, and the OSD tank IL level differing from the Rainwater tanks IL level.

Installing such a large system also had its special challenges, first due to its nature as high-risk work requiring creating installation procedures that guarantee the safety of our team during the install but also due to other factors such as crane capacities, reach and positioning. 

Another major challenge was the time frame, the system was required to be manufactured and installed in under two months so that the excavation can be back filled before the break in December.

Our Solution

  • 106 modules - Parthenon OSD Tanks and 25kl Round Tanks
  • Stormwater Detention System
  • Installed in under two weeks

ATQ had to revert to the R&D team to study the possibility to provide a system with an internal height of 3.6m which is about 15% more than ATQ’s previous highest system. And it was possible. That solution was introduced to reduce the footprint to 48x18m which means providing a more cost-effective solution and savings for our client.

Moreover, upgrading ATQ’s manufacturing facility meant completing the manufacture in time and with carefully planned transport, lifting schedules and a newly developed safe install methodology, the install was complete in under two weeks – just in time to backfill the excavation before going on the Christmas break.


  • Australian Tanks “Parthenon”, a 1X3.1 ML OSD tank made up from 106 inter-connectable modules and walls.
  • 12x25 kl tanks to be used as rainwater tanks
  • All precast tanks are Inter-connectable. Inclusive of rainwater tanks to OSD.
  • All penetrations, risers, access frames/covers and connection stubs
  • All sealants and joining materials inclusive of silicone, epoxy, grout and others.

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