Whether you are harvesting rain water or collecting it for part of a reuse system in a commercial or industrial setting, the Australian Tanks range of anti-floatation and trafficable tanks offer ease and simplicity for underground solutions.

If space is a challenge or you regard tanks as unsightly or obtrusive, then there is no easier way than to bury tanks out of sight.

All Australian Tanks are built to strict Australian Design Standards and are cost effective; supplied with committed customer focus and fully backed solutions.

Australian Tanks can supply tanks from as small as 2300 litres up to many hundreds of thousand litre solutions; with or without filtration and pumping requirements.

Our Water Storage Harvest tanks have been regularly installed in:

  • Defence sites including Enoggera, Oakey, Canungra and Greenbank, Richmond NSW, Eclipse Hill WA.
  • Fuel stations and commercial developments
  • Numerous McDonalds stores throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Fast and Easy


Design Services For Increased Capacities 

10 Year Warranty
50 Year Design Life

Modular On Site Storage Solutions

The Australian Tanks heavy duty trafficable detention systems consist of 5,000L, 10,000L, 15,000L, 20,000L and 25,000L round tanks, or 7,000L and 12,000L rectangular tanks which are easily interconnected in multiples to create any volume quickly and very cost effectively. Every system is certifiable, with increasing numbers of engineers incorporating our system into their design.

Every Australian Tanks system can be engineer certified, and the systems can arrive as holding tanks, or with weir walls, filtration, penetrations, trash screens, ladders, risers, manholes, drainage holes and orifice plates in place and can be installed and connected ready for backfill within the same day.

All Australian Tanks systems are designed for small to medium to large capacities and compete extremely favourably with alternative precast or built-on-site systems. Additionally, the lifecycle costs measure well against alternatives as they are very easy to access, clean and maintain.

Water Storage Design and Ratings

Anti Floatation Design

The full range of Australian Tanks systems are a ‘single pour’ precast concrete tank, constructed with a built-in anti-floatation base where no additional ballast is required for installation in high water table areas.
The unique anti-floatation design provides on-site efficiencies and financial savings from potentially not having to manage water trucks on-site to add ballast in the tanks (May still be required prior to backfilling depending on the water height), and not requiring project management of concrete trucks to pour and tie in a ballast footing.

50Mpa Concrete

Due to the high compressive strength and durability requirements necessary for heavy duty construction, Australian Tanks uses 50Mpa strength concrete in all products manufactured. 

Exposure Classification

Australian Tanks products are rated with a B2 classification, in accordance with Australian Standards AS3735 (Concrete Structures for retaining liquids).

Extra Heavy Duty - Underground & Trafficable

Australian Tanks are regularly requested to replace tanks that have been driven over and damaged.
Many times these tanks have been installed in non-trafficable areas, such as parks and school ovals, but have been inadvertently driven over, only to find the tank has been unable to bear weight with the resulting damage requiring new tank installation.
To avoid these damaging risks Australian Tanks provide tanks that are manufactured to Australian Standards (AS5100.2) and are rated up to ‘unrestricted heavy vehicle access’ based on the SM1600 traffic design loads;

  • Heavy Duty Tank: Rated for where the heaviest vehicle traffic will be a 4 axle twin steer truck (Max GVM 27.5t).  Example:  Garbage Truck.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Tank:  Rated up to unrestricted heavy vehicle access based on the SM1600 traffic design loads in accordance with AS5100.2 Bridge Design Code.  Example:  Fire Engine


Order Code



Ext. Diameter


Anti-Floatation Base


Tank Weight


1435 (inc. 200 Lid)


2570 x 2770

4.5 tonne

2.5 tonne


2550 (inc. 200 Lid)


2570 x 2770

5.5 tonne

2.5 tonne


2225 (inc. 200 Lid)


3475 x 3475

10.8 tonne

4.5 tonne


2815 (inc. 200 Lid)


3475 x 3475

11.8 tonne

4.5 tonne


3365 (inc. 200 Lid)


3475 x 3475

12.8 tonne

4.5 tonne


1450 (inc. 200 Lid)

3250 L x 2250 W

6.0 tonne

3.5 tonne


2300 (inc. 200 Lid)


3250 L x 2250 W

9.3 tonne

3.5 tonne

Water Storage Harvesting Projects

Beavis & Bartels Pty Ltd
Water Storage Harvesting

John R Keith Group
Water Storage Harvesting

SJ Higgins for McDonalds
Water Storage Harvesting

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