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Create MUSIC Models Online

Australian Tanks products are now available in Storm Updated, a suite of free online tools to support consultants in stormwater quality modelling, quantity modelling, design and reporting. Storm Updated is readily accessible on any web browser and allows consultants to easily create MUSIC models and/or perform OSD calculations.


Designed with consultants in mind.

The MUSIC model creator allows consultants fast and easy access to all the Australian Tanks’ design details and drawings.

Integrating and specifying Australian Tanks drawings and designs in the Civil Engineering package becomes a breeze. The user experience and quality of information saves you time and ensures high-quality work as errors will become almost impossible to make. Storm Updated is designed for consultants to create better quality models faster with less effort – what’s not to like?

Create MUSIC models online & instantly generate WSUD reports.

Information on Australian Tanks is readily available in the design interface including links to various products & standard drawings. The WSUD report is automatically generated and accepted in all regions where MUSIC is accepted. In addition, the report provides:

  • Pollutant reduction results
  • Screenshot of treatment train
  • Links to manufacturer’s standard drawings and technical documents

Consultants can easily integrate and specify Australian Tanks products with a variety of stormwater treatment measures such as: bio-retentions, sediment basins & gross-pollutant traps to create a complete MUSIC model that supports any stormwater management plan.

The modelling interface allows consultants to view a summary of treatment performance at various points, making optimisation of treatment trains much more efficient.

Create MUSIC models online & instantly generate WSUD reports.

The available tools allow users to calculate OSD requirements using a variety of methods such as:
  • Rational (QUDM)
  • Boyd’s (QUDM)
  • Swinburne
  • Upper Paramatta Catchment Method.

For each method; the 2016 IFD data is obtained automatically from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website based on the project’s address and an OSD report is automatically generated, showing intermediate calculations and results. Australian Tanks is easily specified for OSD requirements with their standard drawings and technical documents readily available in the OSD report that is generated via Storm Updated.

Contact us today for more information or a walkthrough of the Storm Updated user interface.
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Australian Tanks could never have grown to where it is now without our valued customers. Our attention to detail is why our customers keep returning to solve their water storage solutions. We want nothing more than for our customers to enjoy the longevity and efficiency of our commercial water tank solutions, which is why we work as closely with our customers as possible to find the best solution. Check out some of the things our favourite customers have said about us!

Nick Rees
Context Engineering
Australian Tanks products are easy to specify on a drawing – they’re easy to size, and are workable within most site constraints.
Bruce Rob
Group General Manager
HWB Group
Thanks to the team at Australian Tanks for getting this key piece of site infrastructure in place in such a short space of time despite rain and allowing the site access back in use quickly. Well done to our BUILDUS team for getting on with the job.
Adam Williams
Managing Director
Platinum Hydraulic Design
The professional manner in which Australian Tanks approached this project resulted with the successful installation of several large capacity grease interceptor traps that are fully compliant with the City of Gold Coast Trade Waste Department requirements. Congratulations to Les Green and Team for the professionalism, and a quality product.
Aaron Glowka
Project Manager
The service from the team is outstanding, they’re always available to help. They’ll do whatever they can including come out and work you to get it right. The different volume tanks are brilliant! Standard sizing that you can adjust the volume makes it uniform when working across different jobs. Consistency in area for planning also helps to save time and money in the long run!

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