Australian Tanks is dedicated to producing quality engineered solutions, working closely with consulting engineers and plumbing, civil and construction contractors to develop and implement the best solution for any project.
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FAL Construction

130-160 Jardine Drive, Edmondson Park

ATQ was specified by the engineers on this job. Through this channel, ATQ was approached by FAL Construction for the first time and right at the start during the tender stage.

OM Civil Pty Ltd.

Onsite Stormwater Detention

ATQ provided a proposal for this project in 2018, securing the job following an extended hold on the site commencement date.

With a very tight time frame involved to get the site construction ready, there was only one day available for the onsite install of the ATQ underground systems.

DEQ Consulting Engineers

Stormwater Detention, Mango Hill, Qld

Australian Tanks were specified on plan to provide 2 x 133,000L underground trafficable detention systems. Both systems required multiple efficiencies in install time and site costs. Located under a thoroughfare road, it was essential to have prompt delivery with lowering and positioning of the tanks a priority to avoid construction delays and OHS issues with an open excavation for any extended period of time.

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Hutchinsons Builders

Stormwater Detention, Toowoomba, Qld

By urgent request, Australian Tanks were appointed to provide an underground, trafficable detention system and to have the system fully installed within a 24 hour period.


Dean Ash Construction

Stormwater Detention, Mango Hill, Qld

This large 135,000L stormwater detention system required multiple efficiencies in time and cost – located under a roadway, it was essential to ensure both a trafficable and anti-floatation system within a 24 hour timeframe.


Civilivic, Stormwater Detention

Channon Street, Gympie, Qld

Situated beneath a shared driveway, this 42,000L stormwater detention site presented multiple requirements in project time and cost efficiencies. The site could not be shut down for two weeks for an in-situ solution, therefore an anti-floatation and heavy duty trafficable Australian Tanks precast solution with a one-day install time was the most efficient process available.


Steel Storage

Precast Sprinkler Tanks, Gold Coast, Qld

With time constraints in place, this site was not suitable for long term open excavation which would have occurred with the cast in-situ tank and liner system on the original plans. The client preference was to use a more time and cost efficient solution, with an Australian Tanks precast, trafficable and anti-floatation tank system.



Precast Fire Tanks, Arundel, Gold Coast, Qld

An existing property required a massive upgrade in Fire Services with 330,000L tanks to run the new sprinkler system.

With limited space, underground water storage location was under the existing car park, creating the need for very efficient site operation from excavation to completion.


Beavis & Bartels Pty Ltd

Aldi Distribution Centre Truck Wash Bay Brendale, Qld

Project required 150,000L water storage for reuse at the Aldi Brendale distribution centre truck wash bay.

  • The water storage was to be located under the entrance to the truck wash facility, so it would incur loads from semi-trailer traffic.
  • Spatially there were footprint restrictions due to an existing retaining wall footing and large stormwater pipe.
  • The site had the potential for high ground water conditions.
  • WHS was specified to be of the utmost importance for the project

John R Keith Group

Water Storage Harvesting, Greenbank Training Area, Greenbank, Qld

John R Keith (Plumbing Contractor and our client) approached Australian Tanks to offer an alternative solution to the more expensive extra heavy duty tank option which was specified in the Hydraulic plans. The original option in the plans also showed (1) a combination of transport cost challenges, (2) requiring additional work to get the initial tanks rated to take heavy traffic loads, and (3) the need to have considerable cover over the tanks to meet Invert Levels for the site.


SJ Higgins for McDonalds Australia

Water Storage Harvesting, Oxenford and Chermside Park, Qld

McDonalds Australia Limited engaged SJ Higgins to construct two new McDonalds Restaurants in Oxenford and Chermside Park. Torque Civil (Oxenford) and Blue Frog Plumbing (Chermside) were appointed to provide the Hydraulic Packages. Both stores had Humes Rainvaults and Volume Filters as part of the package. Australian Tanks were engaged to provide an equivalent solution to these rain harvesting requirements specified in the plans.


Reidy Constructions

Storm Water Package Pump Station, Wandoan, Ql

The project required a storm water package pump station, to be located under a unit development driveway.

Our Solution:

Australian Tanks provided a 20kPa load rated precast concrete tank that was designed to be trafficable by a fully loaded semi-trailer.

The pump equipment, including all the pipework, valves, upper guide bar brackets, guide rails, discharge connections, pumps, pump lifting chains, and float switches, were fitted in the tank in the Australian Tanks factory.


Accurate Plumbing

Sewer and Stormwater Pump Stations, Roma Mine, Reedy Creek, Qld

Previously, Accurate Plumbing (the Plumbing Contractor) had installed up to 30 pump stations using an alternative system over a 12-18 month period. The pump stations were challenged with speed issues and OHS requirements, further impacted by the cost and time loss incurred by ongoing replacement and servicing.


Hutchinsons Builders

Precast Transfer Station, Mackay, Ql

With stormwater run off from surrounding sites, a rapid install was essential. Combined with budget constraints, a cost efficient solution was required for project maximisation.

Our Solution:

One (1) single pour precast 25,000L Australian Tank
Supplied fully coated and with pump station installed in one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes


Enviro Pacific

Coated Fuel Spill Tanks, The Gap, Qld

Enviro Pacific, contractor for a new 7Eleven fuel station at The Gap (Qld), contracted Australian Tanks (ATQ) to supply a 20,000L trafficable and anti-floatation blind sump tank to capture stormwater run-off contaminated with fuel from the area ssurrounding fuel bowsers. With no tank specified on the plans, Enviro Pacific sought a solution which met all industry standards and one which would be approved by 7Eleven.


Bloomer Constructions

Sewer Holding Chamber, Capalaba, Brisbane, Qld

With these Sewer Holding Chambers provided on the plan as build-on-site, the unique site requirements proved this solution to be unworkable in time and cost efficiencies.


Platinum Hydraulic Design

Trade Waste Arrestors - Grease Traps, Westfield Coomera

Platinum Hydraulics were commissioned by Christopher Contracting Plumbing & Drainage to provide the hydraulic design for the Trade Waste Arrestor package for the new Westfield Coomera Shopping Centre precinct in South East Queensland.

Challenges with this particular site included deep invert levels which create significant hydrostatic pressures.

Due to the highly specified engineering of the Australian Tanks heavy duty anti-floatation designs, no further structural engineering for the application was required, therefore saving time and costs when compared to the original specified product.


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