August 3

Enviro Pacific, Coated Fuel Spill Tanks

7 Eleven Fuel Station - The Gap, Qld



Enviro Pacific, contractor for a new 7Eleven fuel station at The Gap (Qld), contracted Australian Tanks (ATQ) to supply a 20,000L trafficable and anti-floatation blind sump tank to capture stormwater run-off contaminated with fuel from the areas surrounding fuel bowsers. With no tank specified on the plans, Enviro Pacific sought a solution which met all industry standards and one which would be approved by 7Eleven.


ATQ produce a new industry standard on Blind Sump and Fuel/Chemical Spill tanks. Not only are all tanks anti-floatation and trafficable (T44 rated) by a fully loaded semi, our Fuel/Chemical Spill tanks are provided entirely complete, under our strict Quality Control conditions to ensure complete compliance. Tanks are internally coated with a specific fuel industry epoxy sealant and are delivered with all penetrations and connections in place, fully sealed to prevent leakage into and/or out of the tanks.

Supplying our tanks as complete prevents the product being compromised by further contractor work once the tank is on site. All that is required once our tanks are lowered into the excavation is a simple connection to external hook-up locations.


  • Approved by 7Eleven and delivery of complete and fully operational Blind Sump tank provided within specified timeframe
  • Installed and backfilled within a two (2) hour period
  • Install fully compliant with strict OH&S procedures
  • Anti-floatation and trafficable by a fully loaded semi-trailer
  • Onsite efficiencies and project savings


  • One (1) x 20,000L tank, fuel specific epoxy sealed with all connections and penetrations provided prior to delivery
  • Stainless Steel suction pipes
  • Radar sensor housing
  • T44 traffic rated

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