Illawarra NSW

Tallawarra B Power Station Expansion

The Challenge

Australian Tanks worked with Clough and Energy Australia to provide a detergent wash water effluent holding tank for Tallawarra B Power Station Expansion in Illawarra, NSW.

The tank was required to have an effective capacity of 30kL and was required to store liquid with a potential temperature of 100°C which is used to wash the gas turbines for the power plant.

This detergent solution is potentially harmful to the environment. Given the close proximity to Lake Illawarra, a tank that does not leak is a high priority for the project.

The Solution

During the early phase of the project, Australian Tanks worked closely with Clough to assist them in incorporating the required tanks into the project drawings and achieving the project requirements. Providing 2 x AT20kL tanks was determined to be the most suitable and cost-effective way to achieve the required capacity.

All internal walls were coated with Megapoxy MC and any pipework was sealed into the tanks using Megapoxy HT. Both of these products were selected because they are high quality and are able to withstand temperatures of 100°C. Facilitating casting of stainless steel balance lines between tanks in critical locations to ensure the tanks would bolt together once on site.

Because of the importance of the location and potential environmental impact, complete hydrostatic testing was completed on all the tanks before delivering them to the site.

The Results

A 30kL capacity that is able to maintain temperatures of up to 100°C, and withstands the specified chemicals while ensuring no leakage into the environment.

These tanks were installed quickly and efficiently within one day, with minimal impact on the timeline of the project. This was achieved by offering a plug-and-play solution where all the pre-cast tanks were completed and tested in our production facility before bringing to the site.


  • 2 x AT 20kL Tanks
  • Xypex Addmixture in Concrete
  • Coated Internally with Megapoxy MC
  • Stainless Steel Flanges/Pipes for Balance Lines to interconnect tanks, and for Inlet Nozzles
Tallawarra B Power Station Expansion
Australian Tanks worked with Clough and Energy Australia to provide a detergent wash water effluent holding tank for Tallawarra B Power Station Expansion in Illawarra, NSW.
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