February 21

Special Introductory Offer

By Les Green

February 21, 2013

At Australian Tanks we have come to understand that once a client tries Australian Tanks the first time we generally get most of those clients coming back and purchasing again and again.

In the last four years we have continued to focus on being a total service organisation and we endeavour to really look after our clients before, during and after the sale process.

We have a pretty simple philosophy of securing repeat business through massive service and coming up with alternative cost effective solutions to more traditional expensive methods.

Ask any of our clients and you will see what separates us from our competitors – our approach to service.

We have spent the last 6 months increasing our output capacity and we are in the position to spread our wings even further.  One of our large contracts has recently been rain delayed and will not be starting in March as expected.  With a view to showcase our service approach to a wider new audience we have prepared a special offer to all new clients that have not tried Australian Tanks previously.

For the rest of February and all of March we are offering a trial discount of 20% off our Commercial List Price for all tanks we sell.  What a great way to test our extensive range of products and try first hand our exceptional service approach.

As we pride ourselves on service and relationships at Australian Tanks we understand that we also need to reward our current clients that have supported us along our growth journey.

The same special deal applies to current clients as a way of saying thank you for your support so far.

What to do now

1.  Call 1300 282 657 or email sales@stage.webflowdesignhosting.com for your special Introductory Offer quotation request.
2.  Massive service to confirm requirements.
3.  Sign the Quotation and pay deposit by 31 March, 2012.
4.  Tanks delivered and final payments by 30 April, 2012.

Les Green

About the author

Absolute desire, passion and ambition drives Les to continue to build Australian Tanks into a leading water and waste water solutions brand. Much of the product development, innovation and vision for the company originates from Les.

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